(Charter Member Annual Breakfast Meeting, 2016)

Diagnostic Slide Session Bylaws 
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Section 12.1: As defined in Article 11 of the Constitution, the Diagnostic Slide Session (DSS) was established to provide a forum for consultation among Neuropathologists and their trainees by presenting educational, interesting, rare, or otherwise noteworthy cases of human or animal diagnostic material whether obtained at surgery or autopsy, fostering debate regarding important interpretative elements in diagnostic neuropathology.

Section 12.2: The DSS shall function as a section within the AANP, with all operational functions managed by the DSS Officers and the advisory group of the Charter Members, subject to oversight and approval of the Executive Council.

Section 12.3: The DSS will use the Tax Identification Number of the AANP for its financial reports and a copy of the financial report shall be submitted to the Secretary-Treasurer of the AANP, for inclusion as part of the AANP financial report.

Section 12.4: The officers of the DSS are the Moderator and the Manager. The Moderator and the Manager must be Active Members of the Association.

Section 12.5: The Moderator shall appoint the Manager and the new members of the Charter Members. The successor Moderator will be selected in consultation with the current or former Moderator(s), Manager(s), and member(s) of the Charter Members and appointed by the President. The term of service for Charter Members remains ongoing until notice of resignation or death of the member, or after three consecutive years of absence from the Saturday evening DSS session and Sunday morning Members meeting.

Section 12.6: Terms of Office: The Moderator and the Manager shall each serve for a period of six years, renewable once for a six-year term, but not more than twelve consecutive years. This period may be lengthened or shortened for due cause by approval of the Charter Members and the Executive Council.

Section 12.7: Responsibilities of the Moderator: The Moderator shall select the cases for presentation, preside at the DSS at the annual meeting of the AANP, and at the meeting of the Charter Members. The Moderator, in consultation with the Manager and the Charter Members shall make all operational decisions relative to the DSS, subject to oversight and approval of the AANP Executive Council. The Moderator shall also present an annual report to the AANP Executive Council, as well as a report to the membership at the annual AANP business meeting.

Section 12.8: Responsibilities of the Manager: The Manager is responsible to submit a proposed budget to the Executive Council for formal approval in accordance with established budget policies.

Section 12.9: The Charter Members meet at least once a year, typically at the AANP annual meeting, to receive and discuss reports from the Moderator and Manager on operational and financial aspects of the DSS.

Section 12.10: The O.T. Bailey-Helena Riggs Award for the best presentation by a trainee at the annual DSS is supported by the DSS and the winner will be selected by the Charter Members following the session. Any other such awards that will be available to trainee presenters at the DSS will also be made by the Charter Members by vote at the annual breakfast meeting.