Website FAQs

How do I log-in?
To log-in to the website, select “Member Login” in the top right corner.
 Your login information is as follows:
  1.  Username: The email you used to register with AANP, and the one we use to communicate with you.  Your Username is in the format: [email protected]
  2. Password: Each member can change their password by clicking the “forgot password” link. Instructions for changing/resetting your password will be sent to your email address, and you can use this function to set your initial password, and at any time in the future. Once you have logged in, you will see a menu item appear on the far right hand side of the menu bar titled “My AANP”.
What is the Member Profile? How can I access my Member Profile?
The Member Profile is an individual member’s profile consisting of contact information and payment history since 2014. To access your Member Profile, you may pull-down “My AANP” the far right-hand side of the top blue menu bar to “Edit My Profile”, or you may click “My Profile” on the member menu bar under your name badge.
What if my member information is incorrect?
By choosing “Edit My Profile” under the pull-down menu of My AANP, members may edit the following portions of their Member Profile: primary e-mail, primary phone, fax, secondary e-mail, secondary phone, title, and online (whether you are willing to have your contact information posted online in this password-protected directory for other AANP members to see). Make any necessary changes and click “Save.”
Members cannot edit the following portions of their Member Profile, and should reach out to [email protected] with inquiries and requests for changes: member number, full name, contact name, organization, department, primary address, city, state, and zip. 
How can I find other AANP members?
The My AANP tab has pull-down access to the membership directory.  You can locate any member by last name or by state. (Note: The “Last Name” search can also be used to search text strings in the last name of the directory.)  A more extended search is available in the My Profile tab (located on the Member Menu bar under your name badge.  Click “My Profile”, and type your search in the “Search Directory” space, and then click the magnifying glass.  This is the best way to find a member by their first name.  (If the member has set their "Online" choice to "No", they will not be visible in the online directory.)
How can I get back to the home page when I have navigated to another page?
You may return to the Home Page by clicking on the image in the upper left corner of every page, or by clicking the "Home" menu item. 
Can I use my mobile device to access the website?
Yes. You should be able to access the website through your mobile device.  On mobile devices, or for narrow windows on your desktop computer, the menu bar may not be displayed across the top.  Instead, in these narrow displays, the menu bar appears as three horizontal bars in the upper right hand corner, and will drop down when clicked to show you the entire menu bar items.
Who should I contact if I see an error on the website, or if there is something that needs to be removed immediately?
E-mail us at [email protected]. Please feel free to contact us and let us know of any concerns.
How do I get involved in social media pertaining to neuropathology?
Please see the following article that features step-by-step instructions on on how to get started in social media and provides a list of resources to help 
navigate the neuropathology social media community. Social Media FAQ